STUDENT Comments…

I found a lot of colleges out of state that offer what I am looking for.

It was very informative and the international colleges were very, very, very appealing!

The fair opened my mind to colleges I never thought of attending. I can’t wait to go out of state!

I loved the variety of colleges and universities as well as the majors and programs.

I never knew about studying internationally. I am going to look into this now!

I loved how the fair had the WUE program!

I drove out to the fair from 29 Palms just to see the University of Northern Colorado. It was an awesome experience and very informative.

I am full of confidence right now! This fair was awesome!

I learned so much! I feel more confident about going out of state for my education.

IMG_2700 I liked how well-prepared the representatives were.The fair was awesome. It opened my eyes to great new opportunities.

I found a college I can attend and travel at the same time.

The fair made me consider a lot of out of state colleges.

The fair helped me decide what college I would like to attend.

I liked that I explored more colleges that I didn’t even know about.
I like that there were more international colleges.They finally had tech schools!

Thank you! The fair opened my eyes to so many opportunities for me. I’m interested in out of state colleges now.

The fair changed my mind! I now what to go out of state!

COLLEGE Representative Comments…

The fall fairs were phenomenal! I am looking forward to attending again in the fall! 

My smaller, out-of-state college received the most attention it’s ever gotten at a college fair. I collected more than 300 leads. I will definitely be back!

This was easily one of the best fairs I’ve attended in my six years as an International Admissions Officer, and such engaged students! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and organization– it definitely paid off, and I’m definitely coming back next year!

All the students had great questions and were involved and excited to hear about my college. It was great to meet the counselors from area high schools.

I collected twice the interest cards in comparison to the last national fair I attended.

Great event! I had such a huge turnout that I ran out of materialsIMG_2697

We were able to spend the perfect amount of time with each student at each school.

Organization was great along with the turnout.

I thought this fair and the mini-fair the evening before were excellent.

Very well done! I would like to see more of my colleagues come next year.

It was a great, well-attended and well-represented fair. Giving the students a “focus questions” sheet was a great idea!

This was the best fair everSuper busy!

I was very busy! A great event.

Students asked great questions-it showed that they were well-prepared. Awesome!

Lots of students from a variety of schools. Kept it busy and moving.

I was very impressed with the fair overall and with the students.

Comfortable room, great flow of students and prompt start time. It was great!

Very helpful staff! Great turnout!

The staff was very responsive to my requests. So many students-Yay!

Very well-organized. The students were well-prepared for the event.

I was very impressed with the staff. It was great!


Thank you so much for a great experience. My students really enjoyed themselves and felt it was meaningful.

I loved the out-of-state/WUE concept. I am hoping we will grow in this area now!

The fair was well-planned and received! 

I received a better understanding of the schools in the U.K. and Canada. Thank you!

I liked the concise explanations of what the colleges/universities had to offer. It was also very well organized.

I got great insight into different possibilities out of state.

I thought it was amazing how so many people came out here for the fair just to give students an opportunity.

This fair definitely needs to happen again!