Sponsorship / Advertising

Website Ad

Featured Front page *banner ad: $300 per year

Video link: $200 per year

(*Dimensions for banner ad: 450 x 150 pixels, JPEG or PNG)

College Fair Sponsorships

  • College Fair bags with your logo: You cover production and shipping costs Preferred material: Plastic (thick gage), fiber or canvas. Preferred size: 15” x 18” with open handles
  • Educator Breakfast with sponsor signage and handouts (at fair): $250
  • Welcome Table giveaway (given to all attendees): $150 (informational flyers, pens, brochures, stress balls, etc.)
  • Social Media Photo Booth: Price ranges from $900-$1500 per fair

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Contact Becky at outofstatecollegefairs@gmail.com