We are a dedicated team of Southern California educators committed to presenting a variety of college options to high school students. Our college fairs focus on public and private out-of-state colleges and universities, W.U.E. institutions and international universities.


California Out-of-State and International College Fairs is unique in several important ways:

  1. Out-of-State
    We are the only college fairs in California that focus exclusively on out-of-state, W.U.E. and international colleges and universities. No need to compete with well-known in-state institutions.
  2. Enhanced Visibility
    Every institution has the opportunity for quality student and counselor engagement. In fact, we limit our college registration to approximately 70 colleges per event.
  3. Guaranteed Audience from Local Area High Schools
    We provide busing to local area high school students, counselors and advisors. Free ‘mini fairs’ on high school campuses are also offered during our fall fair season to help increase your visibility.

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